The Artist's Eye M.Riddell

I am an artist who has exhibited Nationally and Internationally. My degrees are in History of Art (BA) and Fine Arts (MFA). My background also includes 7 years designing and manufacturing jewelery for National wholesale and retail markets, 13 years in retail fine arts and crafts shop and gallery, (HumanArts in Dallas, Texas).

Currently, I am an instructor of drawing and painting at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. I have also taught Digital Arts at the Corcoran (10 years). and have been an instructor of painting, drawing and digital art at Catholic University (10 years).

In addition to teaching, I own and operate The Artist’s Eye. I am a member of IRIS (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists), and an associate of the IDS (Interior Design Society). I love taking the furniture, art and decoratives that my clients already own and arranging those things in a way that excites and adds life to the environment.

I am confident that my experience and skills will provide the results that you want. If selling your home, I can help you make your home into a home that multiple buyers will want. I hope that you will take advantage of my many years of experience and contact me with all of your problelms that need solutions.