The Artist's Eye M.Riddell


In accessorizing, pare down the number of things to just the best and keep their placement in balance. Group accessories in odd numbers-the best number is three.

Add life to any room with plants, flowers or a bowl of fruit.

Rugs under tables should be at least six inches wider than the space a chair pulled back would need.

Develop your decorating style by looking at magazines, pulling out pictures that appeal to you and putting them together into a binder. You will start to see the colors, window treatments and furniture styles that appeal to you.

Look around your house for different textures and patterns to combine-such as pillows, throws, baskets, rugs and images. Textures add a lot of interest to a room.

One of the least expensive changes that you can make in a room is with paint.

Group small pictures together rather than hanging them separately. This gives them more importance.

Area rugs not only add beauty, color and texture to the floor, they also help define conversational areas.

Lamps and lighting add a great deal of warmth to a room. Use as many as you can along with the natural light.

Hang your pictures at eye level. If they are hung too high, they look detached from the furniture.

For coffee table displays, group common items or collections together using similar color, texture, shape or theme. You can also display a few books horizontally and place a treasured object on top.